About Us

It all started with love for the ocean… Breathless was officially established in 2015, we needed a platform to share our amazing experiences and awesome catches, so we set out to create this brand, this page, to share our passion. Spearfishing is more than a sport, more than a mere hobby, spearfishing is a lifestyle. It is a way to connect to the ocean like no other taking only what you need and not what you can. It’s the most sustainable form of harvesting from the ocean with no by catch! Breathless has grown larger than anticipated, and will continue to do so with YOUR help. Below are some of the different platforms we use, check them out! 


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Instagram is our favorite platform! We have an awesome collection of great catches and ocean orientated adventures. Our content is original and exclusive.


You guessed it.. This is where you'll find our awesome video based content. Check out our catch and cooks or tutorials or just enjoy some spearfishing action!